#45 Whiteface

Another day another hope for two peaks only to be dashed by snow.

#45 Mt. Whiteface 4020ft.

Trails: Blueberry Ledge trail -> Rollins trail ->Dicey’s Mill Trail

Elevation: ~3,000ft

9.6 Miles


Another snowy day. We were hoping for hard pack snow and hell if we were bringing snowshoes again. Trip plan was to also get Passaconaway, but with unstable monorail and crappy postholing we were foiled again.

Heading up blueberry ledge trail was good and with only patchy snow/wet trail. We didn’t even put on microspikes till about 2,500 ft mark. Some icy sections required balance along with the poles helping out. Going up the trail there was lots of moose poop but sadly no moose.

Close to the summit there are some ledges that were a little tricky in the snow and ice. Just after those there was a pretty clear overlook that was a great lunch spot. We got to see the whole bowl inside of the Whiteface/Passaconaway ridge line.

Going up from there was mostly snowed in. The actual “peak” of Whiteface was supposedly a sign but I was a little distracted by an ADORABLE alpine marmot. It looks like a really cute version of a weasel. Deakin quickly chased him up a tree but the important thing is that we saw wildlife!

Heading over Rollins trail past Passaconaway is where we got into the crappy unstable monorail. I hate it when I put my foot down, think it’s fine then sink 2 feet into snow. Especially when that snow hides a downed tree and my shin goes crashing into it. By the time we made it the 2.3 miles over to where we could head up Passaconaway we were both exhausted. Deakin was even sitting when we stopped. So we decided to head down Dicey’s mill trail. Surprisingly the snow kept with us till pretty low on the trail. We were following some moose tracks all the way down but still no moose.

When we finally took off our microspikes the trail was great. Pretty wide and steady downhill but nothing too steep. There was a water crossing down at the bottom which had a nice tree over it. Deakin is not quite so brave to trot over a downed tree so I had to slide on the tree while hauling him into the water. He is not impressed by loud spring streams and sees no point in going across them. The important thing is that he made it.

Nice easy trail all the way back to the car.


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