Monthly Archives: March 2013

The winter is too long (and sadly still ongoing) but we plan to hike!

#38 Mt. Jackson 4,052ft

Trails: Webster Jackson Trail -> Webster Cliff Trail -> Mizpah Cutoff -> Crawford Path

Elevation: ~2,500ft

6.7 Miles


Snowy snowy trail. This was our first adventure into winter hiking. Reading trail reports said that the trip up to Jackson was hard pack and we were ready with our micro-spikes. I thought that we would be able to make it over to Pierce as well and do a two-fer day. I was sadly and sorely wrong.

The mountains just had 4 inches of new snow so we stopped and picked up snowshoes on our way up.

Weather looked good from the Highland Center. Still cloudy on the mountains but as ever we were hopeful it would clear up.

Started with our spikes on the trail. With all the snow it was a little hard to see the sign over a snow back but we got there (maybe with a little help from other hikers). The webster-jackson cliff trail was awesome. Complete winter wonderland. Great packed snow and a pretty steady climb up. No wind in the trees so we shed some extra layers and kept on going. As we were heading to the top there are some overlooks and of course more wind. We layered up and were within a quarter mile of the summit.

The summit was WINDY. Great clear views all the way to Washington. We got some pictures up at the top and headed across the summit to the Webster Cliff trail. There was so much snow and not a lot of footprints. Getting off the summit I postholed more times than I can count. Once we were out of the wind a bit we put on snowshoes. I hate snowshoes. I hate them. They are bulky and tiring and they hurt my hips. By the time we got to Mizpah I was done. I think so was Mum. We have decided no more snowshoes.

At Mizpah hut we huddled down and had lunch. Met some very nice French Canadians who said Deakin was a beau chien. I couldn’t agree more. Mainly because I’m just glad someone finally called him a boy.

Sadly we still needed the snowshoes for the Mizpah cutoff but gladly took them off at the Crawford path. It was a lovely trail down in our microspikes. Still great but chilly weather.