#24 Osceola and #34 East Osceola

Another nice day in October means another hike.

#24 Osceola 4,340ft and #34 East Osceola 4,156ft

Trails: Mt. Osceola Trail

Elevation: ~2,500ft

8.4 Miles


Parked off Tripoli road for an out and back hike over the Osceolas. We started on the Mt. Osceola trail. It is 3.2 Miles to the peak of Osceola. The hike was steep in places. Main troubles were when the trail went on the side of the mountain which was also a rock slab. Some more slanted footing on those parts. Luckily the trail wasn’t too wet or we may have had more slipping problems.

Got to the top over all the switchbacks in the path. Osceola’s summit is a great view out towards East Osceola and other peaks we think were the Tripyramids. Good large slab summit which was perfect for snacks. We had gotten up there around 11, so slightly too early for lunch. We went the next mile to East Osceola and decided on lunch on the return. We both ditched our packs on the summit and I just brought my sling bag with water and bandages (just in case).

The trip over to East Osceola was steep in the beginning, and then you get to the chimney. There is a rock chimney that you can choose to go down or a less steep (but still scrambling) side path down the slab of rock. On the way down we both chose the around-a-bout way. The rest of the way over was relatively easy with a short ascent to the summit. East Osceola is wooded with one view point to the right of the trail slightly past the summit cairn.

The way back to Osceola had me go the chimney route. Mum took Deakin up the side scramble since he would not be able to make the jumps up the chimney, although I’m sure he would have tried. The chimney was a fun little scramble and i met up with mum and dog at the top.

Lunch on Osceola was wonderful, slightly crowded with several large groups up top. After a short break we made the descent back to the car. No wildlife views on this hike but great weather and a good view from Osceola summit.


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