#21 Hancock and #26 South Hancock

Start of the snowy season!

#21 Hancock 4,420ft and #26 South Hancock 4,319ft

Trails: Hancock Notch Trail -> Hancock Loop trail (counter clockwise)

Elevation: 2,220ft

9.8 Miles


It was 25 degrees in the mountains with a dusting of snow. Perfect day for a hike. I guess. Luckily no wind made for a good hike with a nice lunch.

The parking is off the Kanc highway at an overlook parking lot. You then head to the end of the lot and cross the road to start on the Hancock Notch Trail. The trail start out relatively flat and is a great warm up.

Good signs will point you to the Hancock Loop Trail about 1.8 miles in, after some river crossings and .7 miles you will come to the split of Cedar Brook Trail and the Hancock Loop. There continues to be multiple river crossings. These would have been fine had it not been 25 degrees. Had to catch Deakin on one of them since he slipped on the ice then didn’t want to try to cross again. I have such a wuss dog.

We chose to go counter clockwise. Pretty arbitrary but worked out well since you can start on South Hancock where there are little/no views then head to Hancock which has a nice overlook spot. The trail up South Hancock was steep at times. The snow was still just a dusting till we got farther up. Maybe 2/3 inches of snow which wasn’t a problem in bare boots.

Sign at South Hancock for the always needed photo op. In the middle of the 1.4 Mile trail to Hancock we found a good rock to have lunch. A little hot chocolate was needed in the chilly weather.

At Hancock we had great views but no knowledge of what we were looking at. Another nice hiker introduced us to a book that has profile views from peaks in NH that will say what you’re looking at (this is now on the shelf at home). Mum also got to meet a very friendly grey jay that took some crackers right from her hand. Those little birds are adorable.

Then it was a .7 mile descent to get back to the trail that you retrace to go back to the parking lot.

Pictures to come.


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