#36 Cannon Mountain

Summer hot hiking…6/30/2012

#37 Cannon Mountain 4,100 ft

Trail: Hi Cannon Trail -> Kinsman Ridge Trail ->Lonesome Lake Trail

Total Miles: 5.9 Miles

Elevation: 2,320ft

Trip Summary:

Wanted to get a nice summer hike done. Bribed Brendan to wake up early to beat most of the heat. Unfortunately it was still 75 degrees when we started. Didn’t really cool down the higher we got either.

Parked at Lafayette campground and started up the hill. The start of Lonesome Lake trail is through the campground so you have to follow signs through to the trailhead. Once we got started it’s about 0.4 miles to the split where you can either continue on Lonesome Lake Trail or go up Hi-Cannon Trail. No one could make a decision so I just decided Hi-Cannon.

Hi Cannon is very steap. And at one point requires a ladder.

It was only a little difficult to get Deakin up it. Had to give my pack to Brendan and haul the pup up by his scruff. Needless to say he was not impressed with this. I think it was one time where he genuinly did not like his mom.

Once we were up and over the ladder it was still amazingly hot. And steap. And hot. Up and up we went and by then end of Hi Cannon we were just ready to be at the top and get this peak done.

At the top there is the arial tramway and the fire tower. However there is no summit marker or sign which was a little bit of a disappointment.

From Cannon there are great views of Franconia Ridge, and on this cloudless sunny day we had a great view over. We took a long break up at the top for snacks and waterwaterwater.

Although the view was great we had had it with the 85 degrees and no breeze. We went back down the Lonesome Lake Trail/Fishing Jimmy Trail. It was verry rocky and had quite a few scrambles to get down to Lonesome Lake. The trail around Lonesome Lake was really crowded. There were some larger groups hiking around the lake and a really big school group. Just booked it back to the car since the heat had done us in.


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