#10 Moosilauke

Time for a day hike!

#10 Mt. Moosilauke 4,802 ft

Trail: Gorge Brook Trail Ridge Trail ->Beaver Brook Trail-> Carraige Brook trail -> Snapper Trail

Total Miles: 7.5    9.8

Elevation: 2,475ft

Trip Summary:

Time for a day hike and another one of peak bagging (new slogan of the summer!). Moosilauke is pretty isolated, being the westernmost of the NH 4k footers. So we choose this one as a longer nicer hike. The bonus is that the summit is above treeline and has a gorgeous alpine meadow.

To start we drove to the Ravine Lodge and parked off the side of the road. A few cars beat us to the trail, but we started around 830 so that was not surprising. As we started we saw the full map of the area, unfortunately we didn’t see the small sign pointing off to Gorge Brook Trail. The trail we took was very nice, easy way through the woods and up the mountain. We kept asking “when is the steap part?”. Of course right after we got to a section of about 4 switchbacks up the mountain. Once we were up the switchbacks we got to a sign! Bad news was the sign said we were on the wrong trail…well maybe not completely wrong, but longer and not the one we wanted. These things happen, so onwards!

Luckily this trail was not too much longer than the original and it was an easy slope most of the way.

Second part of the trail was nice a secluded in the woods, not too steep. We got to another sign! Only 0.4 miles to the summit and we’re on the AT. At this point all I’m hearing (from behind me) is “where is the meadow?” “Do you think we’re at the top yet?” “where is the alpine meadow?”

Luckily within 1/4 mile the trees shrunk and we were out in the meadow on top of Moosilauke. It. Was. Beautiful. And windy.

As we neared the true summit we started looking for a place for lunch. Luckily another pair was leaving a rock shelter (really windy) so we snagged it and settled in for lunch. The summit was surprisingly busy after seeing a handful of people on the way up. Our trail was apparently not as popular as the other. On the summit even out of the wind it was about 45/50 degres. And for a day that was about 80 where we started we were both a little chilly. Good thing our jackets were packed along with lunch. We saw some people that had mittens! Mum wished she had brought mittens…

To the summit for the photo evidence!

After being really confident on the trail we were supposed to take down (still on the AT) we were off. The trip down was really great, it went through a (mini) alpine forest to the south summit of Moosilauke before really turning down the mountain.

It was a great trip down. This trail was definitely more crowded than the one we took up but it was fine. Just more leapfrogging. Deakin also met another lab friend named Molly.

We said goodbye to the AT (for now) and continued down and down and down.

Lots of bugs on the way down, we were dying for a breeze! Nothing too strenuous on the down but we kept moving so that we weren’t eaten alive. Lots more signs down towards the bottom and another bridge crossing. The trek back up to the parking lot was a little wierd, there were a couple signs but didn’t know if we were going to the right parking area. We were! Back to the car and another check off the list.


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